Attention !!! UTAR JANUARY 2009 Intake Student


House Rent Launching day of Taman Kampar Perdana, Specially for Jan 2009 Intake student.

~ Do you know that more and more cases of student being cheated by housing agents about house rental problem?

~ Do you want to understand and get more information about the place that you will stay for 2-3 years from now?

~ Are you currently having difficulties about house renting problem? such as..

a) Do not know where to stay?

b) Do not have enough housemates in your group of friends and cant' afford to share the burden rental for a house?

c) Do not know where to start?

If you have the above problem, you are truly welcome to our office at Taman Kampar Perdana. We will provide you the information you want and help you solve your problem. WHY? Because last 2 years we were also students like you, at KTAR.

DO JOIN US. To join us, please register by calling :-

Anson How H/P number : 012-5895048

Alvin Tan H/P number : 017-5208813

Richard H/P number : 012-3725648

" Don't miss this opportunity. It's Important !!! "

House to rent # 0001 (29 May, 2007)

Interactive Panoramas views of YOURS property.


If you would like to search for anything like house for rent/sales in the future. One of the most amazing things Google related software such as Google Sketch up, Google Earth, Google maps, Google page creator and Youtube API add ins, can do is put all these things together to create a most seamless Real Estate search portal as illustrated below. This ability to search the GEO location of the property, to view the property in interactive 3d view and panorama view , will definitely give users the greatest impact and shorten users short listing time. 

First, you can put the satellite image of your property by using the Google maps image.

Google map of UTAR

View Larger Map

You can also use Maps from Wikimapia.org instead of Google maps.

First click on the web link indicated UTAR Kampar Campus when you move your mouse over the Google mini map. The link will lead you to a more descriptive menu where you can put in your related links to your property listing web site as shown below.

You can also put some plan view and panorama view of your property. such as ... 

3600 view 1                      3600 view 2                            3600 view 3

Each link will bring you to the exact location in the map where the photos were being taken. An example of the panorama view number 1 is shown below:

Drag the panorama to pan the camera target left, right, up, and down. Shift-drag to zoom in and hold down Ctrl (Option on the Mac) and drag to zoom out. You can click the hotspots embedded in the panorama image ( red spot icon) which will bring you to some of the detail links.

Youtube movie can also be embedded in your website. Attached here the 3d movie created using Google sketch-up .


*** You can now navigate UTAR 3D view here ***  3D Virtual  ***

Here are some of the snapshots taken from the 3D Virtual world.  

Snapshot 001

Snapshot 002

Snapshot 003

 Please install DeepView.exe in order to see the 3D World and enjoy your 3D virtual trip by clicking here



About the Author


email : ftg305523@gmail.com

links created by the Author.

1.) Google maps link.

2) Youtube movie link

3) Google video link

4) Wikimapia.org link

                                                                <    House For Rent Corner   >                                                                          
a) Comparison Table of  properties/houses around UTAR ( compared against accessibility, rental rate ..etc)

b) HouseNotice.com #2903 & #2904  (Hse No. 540,531,533,545a status : rented out !!!)

c) House For Rent  (Hse No. 545  status : Available for booking)

d) House For Rent  (Hse No. 533a status : Available for booking)

e) House For Sale  (Hse No. 293a status : looking for potential buyer)

f) Rooms For Rent  (Hse No. 289 & 290  status : Available for booking)

g) Houses For Sale  (Hse No. 513 & 186  status : Looking for buyer  | RM150K & RM200K respectively)



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